parking brake problem


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parking brake problem

Hello, I have a 1991 Ford Taurus, 6 cylinders and I noticed that the rubber on the parking brake started to melt, you can see the carpet where the melted rubber dripped.. any suggestions on what could it be?... I don't want the car to catch on fire ..

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Only thing that currently comes to mind would be a bare wire rubbing somewhere against the mechanism itself. I'd disconnect the battery, and with a flashlight, have a look up under dash where pedal it attached and entire mechanism for any wire that may be rubbing/touching against the metal or bolts attaching it, as well as wires coming through firewall from engine area. One way to check as well would be to use a multimeter ( DC volts) or test light and put ground as far away from pedal as possible, and test if any voltage reading on metal part of pedal. If you get a voltage reading, you definitely have a bare wire rubbing somewhere.
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rubber does not melt. it cakes, burns, turns into soot, but does not melt. are you talking about brake pedal pad? you sure it's not melting from somewhere above and dripping down?
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Has there been any major work done to it recently? If a ground strap from the motor was left off it may be trying to ground thru the brake cable when starting. A long shot but these are the ones that are hard to find.

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