1998 Plymouth Voyager Van Squealing


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Unhappy 1998 Plymouth Voyager Van Squealing

My van squeals on cranking and mashing gas pedal. The harder I mash the gas the louder it squeals, at first it would also run hot then cut off. I have taken it to a mechanic 3 times. He said the 1st time the cooling fans were not running at times and when they were that was the noise. He replaced the fan relay and another belt. I got it back and a week later it starts squealing again. 2nd time he said it was another relay. Worked 2 days. 3rd time he said it was my fan pulley and belt and replaced them. Lasted 1 day and got worse and I called him and he said the bearings had gone bad in my alternator. I went and bought a new alternator and was going this afternoon to get a friend that builds race cars to put it on. I was fed up with the mechanic. This morning the PS pulley broke and the power steering went out on the way to take it to my friend to work on it. He put the belt back on long enough to start the engine to find the squeal. When he sprayed some lubricant on the air conditioner compressor belt the squeal stopped but when he tried to mash the gas harder to make sure it wasn't going to squeal again the belt flew off again. He saw and showed me the lip on the side of the PS Pulley was broken off and there was no way the belt would stay on. Does anyone think my alternator is bad or do you think it was my AC Compressor belt? I know I realize I have to replace my PS Pulley. Do you think it could have been broken during the belt and pulley replacement on my 3rd visit to the mechanic? I am at my wits end.
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First off, congratulations on seeking a new mechanic; the first one appears to be incompetent. I have never, ever heard a cooling fan "squeal"; that was a clue you needed a new mechanic right off the bat. As to the other questions, if the alternator spins freely without bearing noises - grinding, rattling, etc - and it was charging okay when installed, it's likely okay. Anybody's guess on when the PS pulley could have broken. I would hunt up a new mechanic - unless the race car builder is available & willing - and have ALL the accessories AND the tensioner/idler pulleys checked over. Any or all of them could be the underlying problem.

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