Ticket question


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Ticket question

Not quite a DIY situation, but hey..

Drove back from Tracy, CA, Friday/Saturday night.
Made it a point to keep her 4mph above SL. On cruise.
Religiously slowed down to same, every time it was posted lower SL.

In OR, somewhere south of Portland, roll down (69 cruise, SL 65) a hill, blissfully pass a trooper on the left, sitting in his cruiser with lights turned off under the overpass. He flashed search light at me, took off and pulled me over. 4am or so, no traffic at all.
"State patrol trooper such and such, recording conversation, I clocked you at 71 going down that hill, SL is 60 here".
Normal courtesy on my behalf, Sorry, Apologize, had her on cruise, didn't see any 60 signs, my bad.
Car's renta; (never rent a Malibu for long haul!), he takes my DL, rental papers, disappears in his cruiser, comes back, gives papers back to my passenger, says "PLease, slow down, have a safe trip". That's it. That's literally what was said.
I take off and ask buddy to see, how much is the damage. He looks at some receipt on the booklet, says $334. We freak out.
Well, minutes later, I ask him to show me dain ticket. He pulls it out of booklet, looks at it again, and says - man, that ain't no ticket, it's your rental receipt. OK, give me the ticket. He starts checking all papers - no ticket.

So, here's my dumm immigrant's question. Been pulled before, always had ticket handed to me and signed for. Had warning, but was told so too.

What the heck happened? Did he let me go, or it will arrive in mail, and he can do it? I do have very clean record, but what keeps me worrying is, I had a pal, who was crazy driver, and always drove across the country speeding. He told me once that "tickets started coming from other states", like as if they did come in mail. Hence my concern.
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If you didn't sign anything...there was no ticket. He also would have explained everything. You got off... forget about it.
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thanks. thought so, but never hurts to d-check.
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I drove or rode in many cars in Belarus and Russia for years. Whenever you got stopped by the cop with the red dot on a stick, they wanted to see your insurance papers and nothing more. Licenses were immaterial. The scarey thing was that you had to stand off to the side in line with the policeman's shoulder mounted AK47 pointing at you while he looked over everything.

The saving grace was that we always had a few excess Detroit Red Wings caps (light and pack well) we gave away that got us through everything with no problems. - No signing, no tickets and no radar.

We were in a caravan (box van with curtains) and that probably set off the stop even though we were not speeding or violating laws.

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