radiator cooling fans problem??


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radiator cooling fans problem??

Hello.... when my wife got home today and turned the car off the cooling fans kept running and sounded like they were running really fast. I thought at first they would cut off after a couple of minutes but they did not so i disconnected the negative cable from battery to cut the power. I waited for the car to cool down a bit and cranked it back up but after 10 minutes ideling no fans come on. The temp is reading in the normal zone and no leaking or steam coming from radiator although it felt way to hot at the front of engine area. What would be the first thing to check to find out what is causing the fans to not come back on and why were they running wide open after the car was cut off. 2000 chrysler town and country, 3.8 liter... thanks

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The problem may be with the cooling fan relay.
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well, at least some Japanese makes have this feature, when, even with engine shut down, cooling fan will still run, until temp reaches pre-determined low.
Fan should not kick in if temp sensor/gauge show normal temperature.
Fans always sound like they going to take off into space. Running engine simply masks this noise.
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The radiator fan relay is located below the left front headlamp module Radiator Fan Relay The headlamp module must be removed to access the relay.

1.Open hood, disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
2.Remove the left side headlamp bulb from the headlamp housing. Refer to LAMPS - Headlamp Bulb Removal and Installation.
3.Remove the left headlamp module. Refer to LAMPS - Headlamp Module Removal and Installation.
4.Remove the cover over the relay.
5.Disconnect the relay connector Radiator Fan Relay
6.Carefully drill out the two retaining rivets.
7.Remove relay from vehicle.
CAUTION: The relay mounting location is designed to dissipate heat. Ensure the relay is properly attached to prevent relay "thermal" shutdown and relay damage, resulting in possible engine overheating.

For installation, reverse the above procedure using new rivets included with the solid state relay.
common promblem relay stuck,not designed to run will vechile is shut off if fan is on with key off just unplug relay if fan motor stops will have to replace relay this relay doesnt look like a normal relay triangle shaped just follow above instructions also appy thin layer of diaelectric grease to underside of relay before installing new relay
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Good info. Also, if you want a quick check you can tap the relay and see if the fan responds.

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