plausible or bogus?


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plausible or bogus?

Question to esteemed colleagues here:

When you attempt to replace the old worn pad with a new, thicker one, the piston (now extended) prevents the pad from being installed.

The piston needs to be pushed back to make room for the new, thicker pad.

If you have ABS, the best route is to loosen the bleeder on the caliper to relieve fluid pressure when pushing back the piston. This will prevent the fluid from backing up into the ABS control system and possible causing operational issues.

True or false? Better than having ABS bled by dealer.
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All the shops around here reccomend clamping off the brake line and opening the bleeder so that is what I have been doing. No problems. I told a friend who was having his son put brakes on his car this and the boy ignored it. He spent $800 getting brakes that didnt chatter. I have seen people do it the old way and get by fine so you got to ask yourself "do you feel lucky"
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reason I am asking this, on my Camry, bleeding can be done by dealer ONLY. It's confirmed fact. I have never heard of bleeder screw release to back up caliper, and has already NOT done it once on my Camry, and several times on our other cars with ABS, WITHOUT any obvious ABS adverse effects.

Hence, when I saw this suggestion, I got curious, how plausible is it.
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Not an automotive pro by any means, but have rebuilt many cars before computers and ABS. My take would be if the travel was minimal, it shouldn't affect the master shuttle, right? I am sure a quick movement of the piston may move the fluid past the shuttle too quickly, but maybe gradual would work. I dunno!
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Have done 1000's of brakes no need to worry about pushing caliper pistons back in do it slowly excess fluid will go back in master cylinder abs system works by seeing a different wheel speed at one of the wheel and pulsating that brake to prevent wheel lock up when system doesn't engage the brake system works as standard brake system

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