72 Mustang Starter solenoid sticking


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72 Mustang Starter solenoid sticking

I have this 72 Mustang 351C, Auto, that I have owned for the past 38 years with no starting issues until lately. I went to start it and the solenoid stuck thus keeping the starter engaged so after that fiasco, I replaced the solenoid and it went back to working properly. The car is always garage kept and I went to move it out today and the same issue, solenoid stuck and starter constantly engaged until I removed battery cable. I then touched the cable back to battery and it was still stuck "engaged" so again a rap on solenoid with a small hammer and it released. I then used a remote starter button @ the solenoid and it worked properly. Now I am trying to figure what the heck is causing this issue, my thoughts are maybe I am getting some feedback from the ignition switch? or maybe low cranking voltage since it takes some cranking to get it started after setting for a couple of months. Anyone ever come across this issue? Any thoughts on the cause? I will be changing the solenoid with another new one that I have but I am still a little gun shy about starting this thing! Thanks
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I've always just cleaned all the connections and replaced the solenoid. While I've had this issue several times over the years, I don't remember it ever coming back once the solenoid was replaced. It does seem like it happens more on the vehicles that don't get run as often.
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Starter could be going bad drawing more amps and causing points to stick.
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1. ok, it's quite old starter. slight off kilter in solenoid housing may cause it go jammed.
2. is it OE< solenoid or aftermarket one? if AM, then it's very likely refurbished. so....
3. ignition key lock. may be short circuiting.
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If you rapped the solenoid with a hammer and the problem went away, I'd say you already narrowed down the problem to the solenoid. Is this solenoid the one attached to the starter, or the starter relay?
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... weren't the older Ford solenoids always on the fire or fender wall?

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