2006 Hyundai Sonata Will Not Turn Over4


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2006 Hyundai Sonata Will Not Turn Over4

My wife has had her 2006 Hyundai Sonata for about four years. Recently she has begun to have problems with it not turning over. The lights come on, the battery appears to be good and all electrical parts are working properly. But when she turns the key, nothing occurs until after several attempts.

I have never witnessed the problem. I think it may be a bad chip in her key, but she does not believe there is a chip in the original key. Besides she had several keys made without the black rubber. Any thoughts?
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Have you checked the battery and starter cable connections? I'd take them off, clean them and reconnect to see if it makes a difference.
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Cables are clean, but I will check the battery. While at the store today, I finally observed this occurrence. When I turned the key, nothing. The windows and everything worked fine. I switched the ignition key on and off 3x's and it started. I was using another key, so know it's not a chip problem.

I don't think it is the starter since it does nothing. It may be the theft system.
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Well....if lights, radio, etc don't cut off when you turn it to start...my first thought would be the ignition switch itself.
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I took it in this morning to have checked. As usual, the ghost symptom does not occur when being seen by a mechanic. They checked the relays, fuses saw no play in the starter switch, etc. He ruled out the ground wire to battery since the lights and all electrical continues to work. He played with the FOP and started it about 6-7 times.

The mechanic surmised that it could be the ignition switch but did not want to replace it just yet. He also thinks it could be the ground wire to the starter, or worse a solenoid. But there is no clicking, no attempt at the engine turning over,nothing.... The infrequency is absurd and when it occurs will generally start right up afterwards....

Chalking this one up to planetary alignment or results of solar flares for the moment.
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Might try dropping the shifter into neutral to see if that makes any difference just to eliminate the park safety switch as a cause.

Don't know if a Hyundai requires brake pedal to be pushed for starting; some cars do some don't, but brake switch could be a long shot. I'm guessing any decent mechanic would have already eliminated both of these as possibles, though.
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When you are experiencing a no start situation what is your security light doing? I am thinking that something is going on with that system. Is the light flashing, or showing a solid color?

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