removing exhaust pipe from muffler fast


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removing exhaust pipe from muffler fast

I have a broken tailpipe that I have to remove from a perfectly good muffler. I have done it before (dual exhausts) on the other side, but it was a tedius process. I have an acetylene torch, mig welder, tiger saw, and just about anything else I need, unless there is a tool made specifically for this job. I would own one of those too, but don't know what to ask for. I thought I saw an air chisel that was made for this, but I thought that might tear up the muffler pipe too. Anyone seen anything like what I am looking for?
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There is a air chisel made to do this. The blade is kind of shaped like a small tee. You put it in to the slot on the sides of the pipe, and drive it off, if the muffler clamp hasn't deformed the pipe to much.
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If you have a torch heat the pipe red hot and it should twist off unless the clamp has crimped it too much.

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