'08 Grand Caravan - water pooling in doors


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'08 Grand Caravan - water pooling in doors

I have an '08 Dodge Grand Caravan and whenever it rains water pools in the doors. If, after a rain, you open a door, A STEADY STREAM OF WATER will come out of the back of each door (yes all four of them). The water will come out of the rear of each door - there looks to be a drain hole at the rear of each door that the water is coming out of, but not at the front. If you don't use the door or the vehicle, then the water just pools. This has got to be a rust problem just waiting to happen. First - do other Caravans have this problem? I didn't see any drain holes in the front, but are there and I am just missing them? If they are there then they must be clogged. If there are no drain holes in the front, is it wise to make some??? If yes, how?? Car is out of warrantee.
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Pull the lower door weatherstripping back on door there should be drain holes in front middle and rear of all doors
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I drill drain holes anywhere I want to. I drill them in headlight lenses, and many times, in the trunk floor, to allow condensate escape.
Question is - WHY you have so much water in the doors? Sounds like outside glass seals are on their last leg.

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