96 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXI


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96 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXI

I'm helping a friend repair His 96 Chrysler sebring convertible JXL with the 2.5L engine. He was in a minor fender bender that damaged the front end. The radiator is Pushed in up against the engine ,The battery box is rubbing on the tire along with the bumper which has been removed. Air bags did deploy. There is a beam in front the radiator that pushed in the radiator and snapped and I can't find any info on this piece. Is it a support for the bumper? If we ran the car without the front bumper Is it needed. Does not appear to be structure as It's too thin. The Only info I can find on its a number stamped on it 491A056 searching the web comes up with nothing. Any idea what it is?Also what does this U-tube with 2 hoses go to? Is it a transmission cooler? The A/C coil appears to be intact.Also how hard is it to replace the front window or should a pro do that? P.S I know it's missing a head light I took it off and will re-install it later. The car still runs and drives but overheats as water pours out of the radiator and The rubbing issues. The tire that is on the battery box side has a groove in it and you can see the wire spikes sticking out has he drove it home.

here's the picture of the beam In question

The loop thingy

battery box

The bumper removed

and a front view of the car


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Minor???? I had a guy rear end my Volvo a while back with an Equinox. Scratched my bumper and dented my trunk lid. Totaled his equinox. Looked like your friends. Just the work on my Volvo ran over $4000. What you have there is a totaled vehicle. It will cost more to do the work you haven't seen yet, than a new car will cost. I gather there is no insurance, right?
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Tacking on to chandler's comments, you do know it's a total, right? The blown airbags alone on a vehicle that old makes the car a write-off.

Just as a guide I searched autotrader and got 43 hits for that make/model/year; here's the averages:

Range of prices within this search:

Highest Price:$4,997
Lowest Price:$1,675
Average Price:$3,285

Out of the 43 hits, 41 are dealers - likely a little overpriced; the 2 private sellers are at $3600 and $1675.
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I agree with them the cost of air bags plus structural damage iS going to make repairs worth more than car is . The steel beam is you bumper the piece in front is the fasica both would have to be replaced and painted along with radiator support and radiator even with used parts cost will be high.think twice before you go to ALOT of work

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