I really need some advice on fan speeds for heat/AC 02 Chevy Impala


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I really need some advice on fan speeds for heat/AC 02 Chevy Impala

So I was not getting fan speeds 1,2,and 4. I replaced the Blower motor resistor. Now I'm getting a sort of burning rubber smell coming from it (although I hear with new blower motor resistors that can be normal) and I now kind of have fan speeds 1, and 2, but not 4 at all. One and two sometimes dont work unless I wiggle the fan control switch. could this be the whole control switch? or is it possible that the connector to the resistor needs replaced? I was just going to get the adapter from NAPA but they wanted 50 bucks...and I wont spend that unless I know that's finally going to fix it.
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It could be a wiring harness issue among other things. Normally with the resistor pack goes, so do speeds 1 and 2 but anything is possible. I am thinking that you could have a bad switch, or bad harness connections. Never heard of a normal common condition around a burning rubber smell with a new resistor. I would check it all out not only to get your fan back but to avoid a potential fire hazard.
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First I would check your blower resistor connector for any burnt terminals if burnt must repair.if you can wiggle fan switch and speeds work bad contacts inside switch some cars have replaceable fan switch and some you have to replace ac control head your local parts store should be able to tell you.make sure all connectors have good connection,blower motors pull a lot of amps and can damage connectors.

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