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Question code P0335

2003 Sentra SER has had the crank position sensor changed about a month ago, now I am getting this code after driving down the highway between 60 and 70 the power quits then maybe 3 seconds later the power is back but the rpm gauge reads zero. Another minute down the road the rpm's return to normal. Any explanations? Thanks
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It sounds that one possible cause would be a poor electrical connection, or one that is shorting out in regards to the crank position sensor wiring. Another possible issue could be with the PCM itself. Not really possible I think to offer more than that without checking out the vehicle more especially with something that is so intermittant. If the signal is not constant with the CPS then losing tach information is probably expected as well. I would suggest that you take it back to where you had it serviced and ask them to have another look at it. Hopefully it is something simple like a poor or grounding out wire connection.
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