1994 Cavalier Clutch Noise


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1994 Cavalier Clutch Noise

Hello all! I've got a 94 Cavalier with a 2.2L, and it has all of a sudden started making a noise while driving down the road, and stops when the clutch is pressed in. At first, it sounded like a belt/pulley noise, but now it is just a rattling metal noise.

I am assuming that this is the throwout bearing making the noise, but I am just looking to get someone else's opinion here!

Thanks in advance!
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I got that same kind of noise many moons ago (okay, many MANY moons ago) on a '76 Toy Celica that was the pilot bearing for the tranny input shaft. Same result either way, have to drop the tranny to investigate.

A '94 would be pretty old to still have original clutch I would think. How many miles on it, if you know? Might be time for a clutch job anyway.

Some of the other wrench-turners should be along with more specific insight.
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Might be your throw out bearings or dead disks.
Either way, I suspect your in for a clutch rebuild/replacement.
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Throw out bearing gets noisey when clutch is depressed..........loads the bearing and slows the input shaft of the trans.......Pilot bearing same thing........when clutch released input shaft and flywheel are turning at the same speed.........Noisem when you RELEASE the clutch is usually transmission shaft bearings............Trans has to come out for further examination

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