96 Plymouth Breeze A/C pressure sensor test


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96 Plymouth Breeze A/C pressure sensor test

I'd like to know how can I test the a/c pressure sensor, because the a/c compressor never stop. I think it can be the failure. The sensor has 3 leads. Few days ago the a/c had a leak and lost the all the refrigerant, and the compressor did not work until I fill it again but the compressor never stop.
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If it lost all the refrigerant...then air and moisture leaked in most likely. Did you repair the leak? If so was the system evacuated and refilled with the proper amount of refrigerant and oil?

If not...and you've been running the compressor a lot...you might need a new one.
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The switch is a ac transducer it basically is a high and low pressure switch combined.it cuts off compressor at about 23 to 28 psi on low side and about 300 psi on high side.Let your ac run on high fan and let it get cold inside car then turn blower to low have in shade so compressor doesnt have to work hard to keep car cold .On low fan hook up ac guages and raise ilde when pressure drops below 23psi compressor should cut off.If its hot outside and on high fan compressor pressures will not drop enough to cut off compressor.

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