A/c problem on a 2001 dodge durango


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A/c problem on a 2001 dodge durango

I am have a problem with the a/c in my 2001 Dodge Durango. It stop working on the highway today, but started to work when I got off the highway. I can smell strong burning oder and there is something black and sticky around the pulley area, but I cann't see any on the a/c compressor. I think the a/c still works at low speeds. Could the compressor be burning up? Any suggestions!
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Could be the windings for the electromagnet in the compressor clutch gone south, but generally that would also blow the fuse for the ac. First check fuses. Then while parked and hood open have someone cycle the ac switch off and on several times while you watch the ac compressor, if it's still engaging you should see movement of the clutch plate and hear an audible click as it engages. Other alternative would be the compressor locking up and the smell is from the serpentine belt burning up from running across a stationary pulley.
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Something else could be that the tensioner is going bad and not puttting enough tension on the belt and allowing it to slip on the a/c pulley whjch could be the black material around the pulley and the belt is loosing up more at higher RPMs caused by the torque on the pulley but can still hold at low speed. If the tensioner has the proper amout of tension then with the engine of and the key out of the ignition reach down and turn the center of the A?C clutch and see if it turns freely are if it is diffucult to turn pointing to the bearings in the compressor going out.

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