1999 Dodge Grand Caravan - Speedometer Unreliable


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1999 Dodge Grand Caravan - Speedometer Unreliable

Most of the time the speedometer works. The issue is "most of the time" and not always. This is OK for local driving but still makes me uneasy. One solution is to park and go shopping. When I return to the van and drive off the speedometer is working again. What could be the problem
Thank you
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Vehicle speed sensor (VSS) possibly or the speedo head itself. Could also be the connector to the cluster not making good contact; had that once or twice on my wrecker and fixed it by pulling the cluster and cleaning contacts. Not sure how hard it is to get the cluster out of the dash on a Caravan.
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If the transmission is shifting noramal when the speedo is not reading, my guess is that your cluster is going verses the VSS. There are places that rebuild them if this helps show you how common these can fail. You can check the harnesses also for good contact but I am still guessing it is the cluster itself on it's way out.
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locate speed sensor in transmission, and pull it out. Should be one bolt loos job. Look at plastic gear. If it's warn out, you got the answer. It's dealership few bucks replacement piece, the gear itself.
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Ideally if you had a hand-held scanner, you could check vehicle speed reading when the speedo went wacky; if the scanner still showed speed it would eliminate the vss, but that's more a garage option vice DIY.

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