differential cover gasket goop


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differential cover gasket goop

I was going to use some of the Permatex Ultra Gray to seal the differential cover plate (bowl) after removing the cover, because on the directions it specifically states that's one of the uses the gray is recommended for (differential covers). Problem is there's none available in my small town here, they're all out of it until late next week and I dont wanna hafta wait that long. All they have is the ultra blue or the black or the red or the copper. Anyone know enough about the differences with these various colors of Permatex gasket goops to tell me whether any could be reliably substituted for the gray? thanks

also, one place has the Permatex "The Right Stuff" but that's rather spendy in comparison to the other permatex goops. Supposedly thats supposed to work good for those covers too but it seems overpriced in comparison.
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I installed one ona big truck I had with just the blue stuff,no gasket at all. It never leaked a drop. The secret is to have both surfaces clean and dry.
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Just an experience here, too. Blue seems to be forgiving, in that your component can be easily removed later on, sort of like valve cover gaskets. My experience with black is that it is more permanent. I have had good results with red as well, as it is more permanent, too. Hey, with a differential why go temporary. I doubt you will ever crack the case again. But like Retired Wrench said, both surfaces must be clean and dry. That will mean laying a rag in the differential to soak up everything while you clean the surfaces and apply the permatex. Then at the last second, pull the rag. It will always drip a little causing a possible leak at the bottom if you don't take a precautionary measure.
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Thanks for the replies. I ended up using the black (with no gasket). I did make absolutely sure the surfaces were absolutely clean and dry. And did as suggested, using rag to soak up any possible last second oil drips from the diff housing. So, got r done, best I could.

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