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Car lift

OK, I am soliciting feedback from those who actually do have real life experience with aftermarket car lifts, as in made you know where.
I do have some very good experiences with machinery made in there. Have several compressors running for years, no problem, from HFT.

But, as body's getting old, it becomes virtually impossible for me to crawl underneath and do work. No good for back, and I go dizzy in about 2 minutes.

Hence, I started looking for a car lift, maybe 9 000 lbs, 2 post, off the ground.

There's plethora of those for anywhere from $1600 up into $3K.

Considering that my life will depend on it, does anyone have any REAL LIFE, FIRST HAND experience with those? I have WTB ad on craigslist, maybe something will come through, but it's a gamble on used one. Buddy bought two in top condition $1100 each, commercial issue, but he was lucky.

OK, I need to clarify the question:

IS IT WORTH BUYING AFTERMARKET LIFT NEW, RELIABILITY AND STRUCTURAL SOUNDNESS WISE? I've read horror stories about them using cheap sheetwork, that bends and lifts collapse, and such. That's my question. I'll have them anchored SOLID. I may consider four poster too, it's just more awkward to work with.

So, what say you?

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I don't have a lift but a buddy of mine has two. Both are two post and one has the cable along the floor while the other has it overhead. Both have safety latches on both columns which is a bit annoying to have to walk around and release the latches to lower the car but it's nice knowing they are there. We always raise the car and then lower it onto the latches so the weight is resting on the latches which allows you to confirm that both are engaged. If a latch breaks the cables are still there as a backup.

You have to be careful to watch the clearance with the overhead cable on some vehicles so you don't raise too high and hit the cable cross bar. I do like that the floor is clear and smooth once the vehicle is up which makes it much easier to roll stuff underneath. The cable on the floor one is nice that you can get more usable lift because there is no bar across the top so you are just limited by the ceiling height and the lift's travel. The cable way along the floor can be annoying at times. My toy car barely clears it and I've tripped on it a few times and things with caster wheels you have to roll around the outside to get to the other end of the vehicle.

One thing that always makes me nervous about the lifts is the concrete anchorages. My buddy poured his floor planning for the lifts but a mechanic near my office put his in an existing building. I'd be nervous just anchoring into a 4" thick standard floor. If the vehicle's weight is not balanced or if you're really working & jerking to get something loose there's quite a load on those anchor bolts in the concrete.
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Thank you. ........................
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My co-worker built his garage with the intent of putting in a lift.
I believe he went 8" with rebar.

One thing you should note is that the lift can't be moved out of the way if not being used. I know a couple people that got one, then realized it was more in the way then anything.
I had wanted to include one in my new garage but will opt for 4 very good hydrolic floor jacks instead, so I won't be tripping over the lift when not in use.

Other then that, what you are looking for sounds like it should work good. Just be sure you have plenty of head room to accommidate the vehicle when lifted.
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Nice. Thank you.
Free shipping is appreciated and pricing is not bad at all.
Now question is - do I want two or four post lift? As two poster takes less space, but four poster is more stable, but will require hydraulic jacks add on.

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