Honda heater blower


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Honda heater blower

I have a 2000 Honda Civic EX with V-tech. Whenever the ignition is on the heater blower won't turn off. When the car is off the blower is off. Turning the knob to high or low does nothing; it just keeps running. Also, there is no heat when the heater is supposed to be on. The air conditioning works but not the heater. Recently the radiator leaked and was replaced along with the thermostat but still no heat. The blower problem began before the radiator leak. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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For the blower, possibly a relay stuck open; check the fuse/relay panel(s) for the blower relay. If there are other relays in the panel that are the same type, swap them out temporarily to see if it fixes it.

Heater? Did you use any kind of stop-leak on the leaky radiator before replacing it? Maybe clogged.

For troubleshooting, locate the incoming and outgoing heater hoses where they go through the firewall and check that they are hot when the engine is at operating temperature; this should tell you if you have proper water circulation. Next item would be a blend door stuck/broke/disconnected. That's a bit more involved and gets into working under/behind the dashboard.

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