2003 MDX wont start. is it a short?


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2003 MDX wont start. is it a short?

Everything started fine this morning. Raining morning. Went to go out this afternoon, turned the key and all the lights went out. waited a few minutes, the lights came back on so I tried again. immediately the lights/power all went out. did this a few times.

I have cleaned the battery posts and tightened everything back up. Put the battery on a charger for a few hours. tried again. exact same thing. Is it a short?

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A short occurs when you make a direct connection between a grounded conductor and and energized conductor. Not what you have. Have you had your battery load tested yet? Most auto parts outlets will do this free of charge. If you have a dead cell, it will not hold a charge.
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thank you. will check it out
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Agree with Chandler...sounds like you are getting a "surface charge" which gives voltage but very little current capacity.

Get the battery checked, that's likely the cause.
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How old is the battery?
Putting a voltmeter on the battery terminals when you are trying to start it will tell you a lot.
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went out as in? Blew? Turned off? Then came back?

I smell bad ignition lock....
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I took the battery out and down to the auto parts store. the battery checked out. when the AAA guys came to tow the car to the garage, they re-cleaned all the battery posts but also cleaned the ground wire connection to the chassis. The car started right up. Thanks all for the help.

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