2004 Hyundai Elantra Check Engine Light


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2004 Hyundai Elantra Check Engine Light

Maybe someone could give me some input. Today my check engine light came on. I took it to Autozone and they read the code. It came up as P2237, which relates to the Oxygen Sensor. My question is: Should I just have the oxygen sensor changed, or should I have the repair place do the diagnostic first which runs about $100, as maybe it could be something less expensive... Thanks
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Many newer cars have multiple oxygen sensors. I would have a competent shop do further dianostics with proper equiptment.

I once had a check engine light come on. Everything seemed to run alright. I didn't have access to a code reader (I'm too cheap and too old) so did some old school investigations. It turned out to be a dirty air filter.
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Did they reset the light or is it still on? If they turned if off and it hasn't returned, I would give it some time to see if it does come back. Sometimes you can get a light/error from a gremlin running around and it means nothing. If the light is still on, or came back on, I'd continue to investigate.

The error code gives a specific location, i.e. which sensor, is causing the light. near as I can tell from some surfing around, 2237 is bank 1 sensor 1. You'll need to research which that is, but will be front sensor (in front of cat) on bank 1 which I think is the left (front) bank on a six cylinder. If it's a four cylinder it'll simply be the front sensor. Not sure how expen$ive those are on a Hyundai; that may tell you whether it's worth the gamble to replace it or get more diagnostics.

You didn't say how many miles are on it.
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Okay, did a quick lookup and the sensor runs less than $50 (Bosch) and as low as $35 for a lesser-known brand. Also noticed the Elantra only comes with a 4-cylinder, so assuming the computer is reporting the proper code, it should be the front sensor. On a 4 cylinder these are often very easy to replace. There are other causes for the error code to come up for an O2 sensor, but may be worth a $35-50 gamble - plus labor unless you or a friend can DIY it - rather than spring for a $100 diagnostic which is IMHO a bit steep.

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