Rear Window Wiper Arm - 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan SE


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Rear Window Wiper Arm - 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan SE

Some vandal bent my driver side windshield wiper arm and broke off the rear window wiper arm. Removing the bent wiper arm proved a challange only in that if required some effort to dislodge it from the mount.

I am having trouble removing the stubb remaining from the rear window wiper arm. The clip that holds it to the stem seems to be an unremovable object. The Haynes manual failed to give directions for removing that wiper arm. I certrainly could use some advice.
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If this is a factory wiper arm look at the area where it hinges. There should be a small hole in the metal. Find a drill bit or shaft that fits the hole. Lift up on the arm, insert the drill bit. When you release the arm it should be raised of the glass supported by the drill bit. Now without pressure applied to the glass you should be able to wiggle it off the shaft of the motor. Hope that helps.
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1. cover the glass with plywood or equivalent, not to crack it
2. take 2 paint can openers. Use them as prybars to dislodge the stub. Worked for other members here. Of course, you have to remove the center nut. and spray some LiquidWrench on it, to soak well. Those stubs are usually aluminum, center bolt is steel, you have 2 different metals that create polarity, and oxidize very well, mixed on rain.
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badeyeben RESPONDED:
"If this is a factory wiper arm look at the area where it hinges"...
The vandal removed almost the entire rear window wiper arm. Almost all that remained was the cap that slid over the wiper motor shaft. There is a sliding clip. My problem was that I had been unsuccessful at getting the remnant off with the clip lifted. I drove to Autozone where a clerk attempted to assist me. In doing so, he must have finally broken the friction. Immediately after we gave up I pulled the remnant off. The sliding clip acts as a latch to prevent the arm from coming off accidentally.

..."Of course, you have to remove the center nut"...

There were nuts holding the front windsheild wipers onto the motor shafts. Once the nuts were removed, it took some prying to dislodge the SWF 4717365 arm.

Finding that arm on the internet is a .

Using the part number, I was able to find substitutes but not the original. The most common substitute identified was the DORMAN Part # 42599 which Advance Auto Parts: Search Results for wiper arm identified as being in stock at the 803 OLD ROUTE 9 NORTH, WAPPINGERS FALL, NY 12590 store.

At the store the Dorman 42599 turned out to be a Motormite Part Number: 42599. Comparison to the damaged 4717365 showed the 4717365 to have ribs in the mounting hole while the Motormite hole was smooth as could be. The Motormite 42599 is listed on Wiper Arm | 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan 2WD 6 Cylinders R 3.3L MFI | as requiring Special Order.

I have to wonder:
1. Are the Dorman and Motormite both roses by other names or would there be a difference?
2. Were SWF wipers OE on 1999 Dodge Grand Caravans? Tracking SWF auto parts brought up that they are used in European cars and I doubt that the 1999 Grand Caravan was made in Europe.

2002 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 3.8L V6 Wiper & Washer : Wiper Arm Auto Parts indicates that the SWF 4797716 is the part the Dorman 42605 is the substitute for
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The swf 4717635 b wiper arm was obtined at a pick & pull for about a third the price of the dorman wiper are.

Had to go to a used parts stripper for the rear window arm but they sold me one with a blade. The blade alone would have cost more than what was paid at the stripping yard.
Do not know if it was a part number match but it is a perfect fit.

The blade for the swf 1747635 is a duralast

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