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Unfortunately, I had a car in another location that I let "sit" for 6 months. When I went to try an start the car, nothing, no power at all, no dome lighting, no dash, even the remote entry required using the physical key for locking/unlocking.

I went back with jumper cables and this time I have a dome light and when I try to turn over the engine there is what sounds like electrical "clicking", not the physical sound of an engine trying to crank. Additionally the dashboard needles go all over the place.

I would have thought that the neglect would mean just a dead battery but these symptoms sound like something else (battery probably dead as well), alternator? What are the electrical "clicking" sounds, relay?
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A battery that goes dead and sits for months is toast. A jump is just trying to run 2 cars off of one. It may not supply enough power....esp with the dead battery in the circuit sapping away much of the juice.

A new battery is where you need to start. Clean all connections to the battery, frame and engine and see what you get.

All the clicking and needle movement is the result of low voltages to relays and electrical controls.
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Have you looked at the wires around the engine to make sure nothing was chewing on them?
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part of it may be how you jump and what you jump with

1. cheap jumpers with cables sweged to clamps are the worst kind, as they are rarely used, copper corrodes, and little to none current flows through
2. you must have donor vehicle at high revs and very good output
3. do not jump via battery; find a good ground bolt on engine somewhere, clamp negative to it solid, positive to positive on battery, and then jump. You bypassing battery in such manner.
4. check on all ground cables you can find, before starting. Those are prolly corroded also.
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The battery is not neccessarily toast. Try trickle charging the battery with 2 amps for two days. Jump starting will not revive a battery.

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