Honda heater blower


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Honda heater blower

I have a 2000 Honda Civic EX with a V-tech engine. The heater blower fan comes on and stays on at high speed whenever I start the car. I am not able to adjust the speed with the switch. I unplugged the resistor behind the glove box and plugged in a new resistor and there was no change. The fuse under the hood is fine (I swapped it with another that I know is good) and the fuse under the dash looks good with no breaks in it. When the blower speed switch is turned I can feel the different stops. Also, when I want A.C. or heat that switch works fine. Can anyone suggest what is wrong that the blower fan doesn't work like it should? Once the car is turned on I am not able to turn off the fan. Thank you.

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If it is not the module, the switch, etc. you may want to have a dealer read the Body Control Module for any fault codes? Most of the cabin electrics go through that computer.
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Frustraited again we returned to the house and started searching the web. After some reading we check the voltage at the blower relay connections and got 12 volts. Moved on to resistor and got 12 volts and the connector to the the blower motor also showed 12 volts with the key in the on position. So at this point were are totally at a loss. We know the motor, resistor, fuses, and relays are all good, which seems only to leave the wiring itself or possible the control panel on the dash. Realizing there is power at the blower motor connector it is hard to believe it is a problem with a wiring short or the switch but not sure how to proceed with narrowing it down. Maybe worthy of noting is that regardless of the control **** setting the power at the blower motor connection is always 12 volts. I would think this voltage would change as the control setting changed the resistance in the resistor for the fan speed but I could be wrong here as I am a total noob.
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Hot heater and fan on high

I have a 2000 civic as well. For no explainable reason, the fan and temp goes to high and gets miserably hot not responding to any of the controls or switches. When this started about a year ago, switching the ignition off corrected the problem, but no longer works. Most of the time waiting patiently with ign off for a while works but happens again more frequently, any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance, John in SC
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Well, let's see the positive side - at least you are not freezing winter time.
Otherwise, bet is on climate control module.

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