cd player wont eject cd


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cd player wont eject cd

my cd player wont eject the cd just makes a clicking noise for about a minute then says check cd. tried taking the fuse out and putting it back in but no luck
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This is in the car? PCs are easy and home CD players can be manageable as well so I was hoping maybe you just posted in the wrong forum....
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yes it is in a truck tried pulling and reinstalling the fuse and nothing worked
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Is this a commercially pressed CD or one that you recorded yourself? I periodically have this problem with the CD player in my Toyota and it occurs more often with CDs I recorded myself. I suspect it has to do with the thickness of the CD. With mine it will lift the CD to the slot but can't actually eject but I am able to (barely) grab it with my thumb and forefinger and start it out at which time it does eject.

Wish I had more to add.
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My 07 Volvo has this problem, too. I understand it is inherent with some players. I have a Popsicle stick in my cd rack that I use. Press eject, and as it barely sticks it's nose out of the player, I can run it over the top (not the engraved side) and it will finish ejecting. Sometimes....
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You may have the remove the cd player from the vehicle and remove the cover to either remove the CD or simply put it back in place.

I have had to service a few head units that either had received a visit from my son when he was 2yrs old (now knows better at age 3), or had got banged around and knocked either the CD or a component out of place.

Generically speaking, you should be able to find online the instructions on how to remove your specific CD player from your vehicle (ever vehicle is different). Once you have it out and in your hands, you are probably looking at 2-6 screws to remove the outside cover. Once you remove that, it'll be a very careful assesment of what has happen and how to remove the CD. Pay very close attention to everything you move and what goes where and it should be an easy fix.

Keep in mind, these units have tons of moving parts, and the springs inside are not super strong, so stuff can move around on you while driving. I've had to work on many head units in jeeps and off-road trucks.

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