2000 chrysler town and country Hard Start issue


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2000 chrysler town and country Hard Start issue

Wifes town and country has never had anything done to it other than changing oil, fluids, belts, 2 anternators, 1 water pump and 3 belt tensioner pulleys. Also several sets of brake pads, rotors, and drums,and shoes. I've done all this maintenance myself, but now just this week the car has started having a cranking problem. The starter and all is working fine and it will fire up but usually after turning over several times, like maybe a fuel problem? The car has 164,000 miles on it so i surely can't complain. The spark plugs and wires along with all of the electrical componets have never been replaced. The fuel filter has never been replaced. The car does not use any oil between changes, but does have a minor leak that puddles a few drops of oil after it sets awhile. This morning my wife wanted me to crank it to see for myself how it was doing. When i turn the key to crank it, it had to spin the engine for 5 seconds or so before firing up. I let it run for a minute or so and then cut it off and tried it again and it fires up like it should. So it usually does this after it sets for awhile. Yesterday when she got off work she said she thought it was not going to crank up. I would like to know what some of you guys think would be the cheapest systematic way of diagnosing this. Also there are no engine lights or codes displayed. I need to keep it running for a few more months, if possible. Thanks for any and all help.
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It's overdue for plugs, wires and fuel filter! Checking the fuel pressure might give an indication of the current issue.
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before you try to crank it over, try cycling the key on off two times. if it starts right away your fuel pressure is bleeding off. this is a return less system 90% chance its your fuel pump. next if no change check your voltage at the battery during crank if lower than 9 volts replace the battery. no volts can still turn the engine over seemingly fast but still slow and not enough volts for fuel injectors/fuel pump/ignition coil.
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Hard Start

Have your wife start the car and watch the tailpipe for any smoke. If you get balck smoke tehn you have a problem with fuel dripping and if you get blue smoke it usually means valve seals. Either of these will cause your car longer to fire then start normal second time.

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