Honda Pilot pulsating brakes


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Honda Pilot pulsating brakes

I have a 2004 Honda Pilot. Pretty much ever since I bought it new, I've had a problem with brakes pulsating. I've had rotors resurfaced a number of times, at times it seems to get better, but then it comes back (actually, I don't think the problem has ever really gone away). It's not very noticeable at lower speeds, but was going over 70mph the other day, had to brake, and it was quite pronounced. Can something else be causing the pulsation, not the rotors? There is also vibration in the steering at 70+ mpg -- can the two be part of the of the same underlying problem?

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How many miles on it? Have the tires been changed? Rotated and balanced as required?
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It's about 85,000 miles. Tires are almost new (less than 7,000 miles); I rotate and balance them regularly.
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1. at 85 000 miles good chance is tie rod ends are loose. check'm out.
2. I had 2004 Cr-V. amongst other Hondas. my general experience and for CR-V particularly is - Honda's rotors build up brake pad material and come out of flat surfaces unusually fast. 1st year I had that V, I was doing 1200 miles a week, and had to turn rotors awfully frequently. Basically, same is for other Hondas we owned. I fixed it by installing slotted rotors at 75 000 miles, and that was it.
3. same Cr-V had tire conicity problem straight from factory, resulting in shake at fwy speeds and pull off to the right.

I KNOW yours is not CR-V. same manufacturer though, and they have tendency to have same issues across all of their models.

Also, you may re-consider different type brake pads for your car. Maybe softer, maybe harder. It's really and experimental thing.
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time to buy new rotors. the average number of times you can turn rotors is once. if you always drive in areas that require you to do hard stops, such as freeway panic stops. i would replace them every time you wear out your pads. also make sure your slides for pads/caliper are lubed and slide easy. you can warp a too thin rotor on the first stop. anything "loose" on your front end cant really cause a pulsating only during braking. and this is your safety why be cheep.

if new rotors dont fix this, have your hubs checked for being out of round.

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