1997 Mazda millenia 2.5 superchare


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1997 Mazda millenia 2.5 superchare

I have a 97 millenia that just seems to not be getting fuel I replaced the fuel pump but that didnt work. i was checking and found the air filter box has a smaller box on top of it i disconnected that plug and the car seemed alot better,but still did not accelerate as it should if i keep patting on the gas the RPMs will gradually go up to about 4k but after leting off and putting in drive you still have to play with the gas pedal to get it to go. could this be the electrode or whatever it is inside this small box keeping it from acceraration. any help is better than what Ive had.. just spending money. thanks
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97 mazda

Could it be the Mass air flow sensor that would cause this problem??
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Welcome to the forums! Before disconnecting things the manufacturer put on it, go to Auto Zone and have the codes read. That will clue you in on a malfunctioning item. Post back what the codes said, and maybe we can give better advice.
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97 mazda

The only problem is that the car won't run good enough for me to drive it to autozone being that its about a 25 min ride each way. I did call autozone and te guy there I have dealt with for yrs. said I really needed it hooked up to a diag machine that his would not really tell me alot.which is having it towed there and back another 100 or so dollars then the MAFS is 159.00 im so in this car now I don't have the money i was just looking fr a cheap fix. I know it takes money but I'm on a very fixed income and have had to go without my medicine so its like a rock and a hard spot. but I do thank-you for your advice.just wish I could afford it.any other ideas ?? or ways of checking this.
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well, the cheap fix is - like chnadler said - to drive to Autozone and have codes read for free. I get it's 25 miles drive.

Otherwise, you already dumped $$ into useless repair and keep guessing - keep spending $$ on guess.

MAFs, or mass air flow sensors, do cause hesitation, and can be easily cleaned with MAF cleaner, but - 25 minute drive to get that.

A can of Seafom in the tank full could maybe fix it - but hey, did I say, it's 25 minute drive to get that too?

Otherwise, we can keep tossing crap shots at you, but it's nothing but guesses. Can you, at least, take picture of that "box" and post it here?
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97 mazda

you make me feel Bad here Im just seeking a lil advice. I know its 25miles I can get there I have another way,but the problem is getting the car to go there the way it runs I barley can move it in the yard, and A zone is yes 25MILES away,so Thanks for reminding me and your input on this matter.I am limited here on funds and was just seeking a cheap fix, but I can see there is really no cheap fix and I will move on and do what I can as I can. not being rude here just don't think you see the spot I'm in again Thanks for your input but not your smart remarks. Im gonna make that 25 mile ride and try some cleaner since there is no other way to check the sensor.and thanks for the crap shot LOL never heard that one....lol
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Um... pulling codes from an 97...? If there is an CEL, you should be able to get a code, if there isn't, it'll be unlikely to get anything usefull.
Definately suprised that they put a supercharger on a small engine like this. Generally a turbo is better suited for smaller engines.

What I suspect you are messing with is solinoid or similar. The plug you disconnected, was it a set of wires or a vacume tube?
How many miles on the car?
Is the fuel filter included with the fuel pump unit you replaced?

With modern turbos (with no CEL on), it could be one of a few things. Fuel pump (which you replaced), fuel filter, injectors, solinoid or washgage. I a supercharger would have similar components to control and regulate the amount of boost the engine receives.

Based on a quick google search, this does not appear to be a modder's type car, so I'm assuming this car does not have many (or any) aftermarket performance mods.

My best suggestion for you would be to search a Mazda Millenia specific forum online. The guys on there should be able to tell you what the likely cause is.

Keep in mind, my exposure to forced induction engines is mostly with modern turbos. The general functions are the same, but the components are somewhat different.

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