Honda Civic 2004 Disc Brakes


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Honda Civic 2004 Disc Brakes

I have a 2004 Honda Civic EX. The disc brake pads always wear out faster on the right side. Do I need to replace the caliper or is there something else wrong?
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either dragging caliper, or blockage in that side line.
You can find how to overhaul calipers in repair manual or online.
brake caliper rebuild - YouTube
but calipers are so cheap, might as well buy refurbished one.
is rotor on that side blueish in color? after you've driven that car for a while, pull over and put hand against wheel. compare to other wheels. is one in question noticeably hotter?
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Time for a full brake job on the front.

If it was my vehicle, I'd do a rotors, pad and caliper replacement, visually inspect the lines and probably a fluid drain and fill.
The fluid is not required for this particular issue, but with the age of your car, and you're going to have to bleed them anyway, it'll be worth the little extra work.
Pick up some brake grease and make sure all the sliders in the calipers are greased.

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