Dashboard dead on Crown Victoria 2006


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Unhappy Dashboard dead on Crown Victoria 2006

Hi All
I have a retired taxi Crown Victoria that I somehow brought back to life with a charger boost to the battery. I've been driving it for a couple of months, when over the last week or so, the dash would die on me, and then turn back on. It wasn't until tonight did it decide to die after being on for 5 seconds after i turn on the ignition. Oh yea, and the passenger side power window has also decided not to go up anymore. Now it's sitting outside overnight with a window open, and the dash doesnt turn on. When it is on for the first 5 seconds, the battery light turns on and stays on.

Where would I start to look for problems? Fuse box? Change the Battery? Or would it more likely be something more complicated in the electrical circuit that would require a professional? I want to do as much diagnostic as possible before I decide i need a mechanic. Mind you, the rest of the car has power, and it still turns on. Its just mainly the dashboard and the power window.

Please help.
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It sounds as if you have a relay that is kicking on and off, sort of like an automatic circuit breaker. When it begins to die, it will work until it heats up, then it will kick off. Check in your fuse panel under the hood. Relays are black boxes with plugs on the bottom. Look at the numbers on the relays and swap matching pairs to see if the dash and window come to life. The other component may not work, but at least you will know it is the relay that is bad and not something worse. Let us know what you find out.
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for sake of simplicity, clean battery terminals and poles. If you can, check on alternator output. Otherwise, there's so many electrical gremlins that can go wrong, including fusible links Ford is fond of and so hard to locate and fix.
Might as well simply be oxidized plug behind the cluster, as, most likely, it's simply one large connector. Or even loose connection. Clusters are not that hard to remove. But I'd start with making sure that battery is well connected and charged, as that blue battery light points towards failing alternator.
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Oh, and just to make sure you know how important it is for a modern car to have all plugs connected well.
We once did engine overhaul on several years old Olds. Electronic cluster. We did it in the street, cold rainy weather. Had to remove most of the harness to pull head off. Well, we replugged it all back, turn the key - cluster comes back to life - car wont' start.
We looked undern the hood - there was a loose wire single prong connector hanging down on the firewall engine side. We spent 1.5 hr in darn slit and rain locating where it'll go, finally, gave up, drove to dealership, and looked under the same model hood. Was hood light plug.
Went back, plugged it, turned the key - wrroommm... You get my point?

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