96 Intrepid won't start. 3.5 engine


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96 Intrepid won't start. 3.5 engine

I have a 96 Intrepid 3.5
it quit running in drive way. I checked spark and had none on the plug I tried. So I replaced coil and nothing. I then replaced the cam sensor and still nothing. It seems to not get enough spark. I'm only getting spark across two of the posts on the coil. I also notice I don't smell any gas when turning it over. The fuel pump runs a little when I turn ignition on. Any suggestions?
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Check to make sure the timing belt isn't broken [unless it's a chain, didn't look it up].
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when you are cranking it over see that your rpm gauge reads. sounds to me like a crank sensor going.
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It's a 96 vehicle, can you read codes? Rent code scanner and do it?
I am assuming, it's distributor-=less engine and has ignition coil packs? How are coil packs grounded, straight to the engine block? If yes, is that ground good?
If it has distributor, bad cap, rotor, and whatchamacallit brown kidney looking piece, always forget its name, underneath rotor, are first to come to mind.
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Have to love the almost modern engines. Pulling codes via a reader won't get you anything.

You can try the Dodge key trick and see if there are any codes (tripped or pending). To do so, turn the key from the off position to the run (not engaging the starter) back off and back to run (3 times total) leaving the key in the run position.
If you have a digital odometer, the car will display a series of "P" codes and read "Done" when completed.
If you do not have a digital odometer, watch your check engine light. It'll flash a number of times, pause, flash, pause, etc. Count the number of flashes between each pause. It should be 2 digit codes I believe. The last number you should get is a 55 indicating end of codes.

Now, not having time to source a proper engine diagram... I'm assuming the fuel rail is shaped in a "U" shape along the top of the engine. Most have a bicycle valve on them so you can attach a pressure gauge to it. Check and see if you have any fuel pressure (have catch bucket handy and do not stand facing valve).
I'd also suggest doing a compresson test. The kits are pretty cheap to buy and or you can normally rent them from a auto parts store.

A couple questions for the OP...
How many miles on the car?
When you pulled the plugs, where they wet, black, dark brown, tan, white?
When you replaced the coil pack, did you replace the plug wires as well?
How where you checking for spark?
When the car died, how did it go? Did it sputter, act like it was starving, go clunk, clunk quiet?
How much fuel do you have in the tank? Could you be out?

These engines used a single coil pack for all plugs (electronic ignition). I believe the same basic short block was used in the follow up seabrings, but had moved to a coil pack per plug.
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eclipse I just sold was 95 and it was full OBDII compliant. Pulled codes off it no sweat. And it had Dodge star all over it.

Also, if you do CEL code reading, keep in mind, first 2 and last 2 digits are duds, they only mark sequence beginning and end. I think, it's 12 and 55, or 21 and 55. Anything inbetween those two is actual error code.

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