New Pads and Rotors, Creaking Sound from Wheel Well when Brakes applied


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New Pads and Rotors, Creaking Sound from Wheel Well when Brakes applied

99 Malibu 135K

Along with the soft pedal, there is a creaking/groaning sound from the passenger front wheel well when the brakes are applied. It can only be heard from outside the car.

I've replaced brakes and rotors dozens of times and never had this issue. Ideas?

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creaking present participle of creak (Verb)
(of an object) Make a harsh, high-pitched sound when moved or when pressure or weight is applied: "the stairs creaked"

groan (grn)
v. groaned, groan·ing, groans

1. To voice a deep, inarticulate sound, as of pain, grief, or displeasure.
2. To make a sound expressive of stress or strain: floorboards groaning.

I had to look up what you mean.

Something's rubbing. Either brake pad sits crooked on guides, or piston is locked, causing drag, or dust shield is bent and rubbing on rotor.

I have done brakes since 91, and sure enough, was working on Eclipse not so long ago, and by accident whacked dust shield not noticing it. Horrible noise. I'd start there. Something somewhere didn't set right. Dem aftermarket pads are not always setting right. Also, if you replaced rotors and did not clean hubs - you bet rotor is sitting crooked on the hub.

Or, simply enough, lug nuts not tightened properly.
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