1980 Corvette Leaking Red Fluid


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1980 Corvette Leaking Red Fluid

My 1980 Corvette developed a leak in a small hose that ran from the back of the engine compartment all the way to the front of the engine compartment on the passenger side. The fluid was reddish in color. It only leaked when the engine was running. It appears to go to the headlights, but that doesn't make sense since the headlights supposedly work on a vacuum system. Does anyone have an idea what system this hose connects?
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Not to sure but sounds like a transmission cooler hose. Cooler in bottom of radiator or in front of it.
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Is it automatic? Pugsl is right, the only red fluid I can think of is ATF
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Power steering maybe, too; line running from pump to steering rack.
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I'm also leaning more towards the power steering.
It could however be many things such as brake fluid, coolant (my SRT4 is redish orange coolant), transmission fluid (automatic).

The first thing I would do is check all your fluid levels. If you have a manual transmission, that would eliminate tranny fluild. If your coolant is green, that is also out. That would leave brake and power steering fluid.
From what I can see with a quick google search, the headlights are air controlled. That being said, my search may be incorrect.

The first thing to do is find out what fluid is low and go from there.
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I'd think automatic transmission fluid but like TG said, it could also be power steering. What size is the hose? Can you jack the car up and get a look see from underneath? Be sure to use a jack stand!

btw - welcome to the forums!

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