Maxima Sway Bar End Links - banging? Can I DIY?


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Maxima Sway Bar End Links - banging? Can I DIY?

I was jacking the rear of my car up (one side at a time) and heard a creaking noise then a pop in the front wheel area of the car (opposing side from the jack so there was some sideways downward pressure). It's an old car so I always hear some sort of creaking or popping. <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Smilie" smilieid="1" class="inlineimg"> Anyway, now when I drive from time to time when turning at slow or medium speeds I sometimes hear a decently loud pop/bang. Nothing crazy but definitely noticeable. It seems like it happens when there is some sideways momentum on the wheels. I'm not sure because I'm not an expert but I think it might be the sway bar end links that are "broken"? I took a look at the basic parts in the front suspension and although old most seem ok but something looks wrong with the end links. See the pictures. My question is whether replacing the ends links and bushings will fix it or if this is a symptom of something wrong with the lower control arms. What should the sway bar end links look like? Is it possible that because they're broken when I turn there is sometimes enough movement to cause the sway bar to pop left or right some because the end links aren't right? Thoughts? And am I able to "do it myself"? Thanks! (I'm a new budding DIYer and love it but don't want get in over my head).
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yes very simple to do all u need is a wrench and ratchet/socket
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Thanks, Maybe I'll try it tomorrow. Hopefully that's all the banging is!
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do sway bar bushings same time, most likely busted as well.

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