2003 Mitsubishi Galant problem


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2003 Mitsubishi Galant problem

Hey all, Having this problem with my car and trying to get it figured out. Let me know what you think.

Our 2003 mitsubishi galant has been leaking for a couple of days. The oil, transmission and coolant are all full. I put newspaper under it for a night to see what color the leaking fluid was and it was a yellowish brown. The car made a high pitched squeaking sound upon start but stopped after a couple of seconds. That sound has been going on for a long time. The serpentine belt is most likely bad. The car hesitates a little bit before getting into gear. There have been no warning lights turned on. Yesterday, my girlfriend was driving it and the temperature gauge went all the way to hot, and when she pushed on the gas pedal it made a sound like metal running together and it didn't want to go into gear. It started smoking on the highway and died. She got it down to an exit and we pushed it into a parking lot.

Thanks for any help,
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My guess would be at the very least the tranny is a goner. That in itself may be more than the car is worth depending on its condition otherwise, Could have some major problems from overheating as well. The yellowish brown could be an oil/coolant cocktail from a blown head gasket. What's the oil on the dipstick look like?

When the temp gauge went all the way to hot was probably not a good time to be pressing harder on the gas pedal.
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water pump. also, explains overheating and noise.

take same paper, drop few drops of coolant and ATF from dipstick on it, and compare.

the only fluids that I am aware of that are yellowish in a car are brake fluid and MAYBE coolant, as they make coolants now in rainbow choice of colors. Say, mine is red on one car, red on another, and green on the third.

Also, where does it leak? water pump will leak right about center of the engine on pullies side.
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need more info, is the belt still there, how is the oil/coolant levels. once a car is overheated it can do all sorts of crazy things. my first thought is that the car is done. no matter how it got here if you drive a 03 gallant hot enough until it dies you a have opened a new can of worms. but to place a guess. these are bad about leaking valve covers, causing the yellowish brown spot(along as oil is kept full no problems). noise on start up, loose/oil covered belt, causing slipping/noise. hesitation before going in to gear, we go back to oil leak, on to plug wires causing miss at high load. and then over heating caused by unknown issue(belt, coolant leak gone unnoticed, non working fans, slightly blown head gasket burning off coolant, stuck t-stat.

but all of this is null. you cant run a newer car to hot and it die and fix it cheep, 80% of the time.
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The oil, transmission and coolant are all full.

Read more: http://www.doityourself.com/forum/pa...#ixzz27D445BPt

of course, it depends, how he checked coolant and ATF levels.
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