can I just swap out factory radio's in chevy Malibu


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can I just swap out factory radio's in chevy Malibu

2006 Chevy Malibu Maxx LT V6. The cd player is broken. I want to just get another stereo off of ebay and swap it out. Will this be an issue as far as the computer info that shows up on the radio display?

Also if I get one off of ebay and I need the passcode for it how can I get that? thanks for all the help.
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I have swapped out multiple headunits on various makes. never had any issue as of headunit function and all of them work better than OEM ones. personally, I am not buying anything but Pioneer.
as of info... I bet you will lose it. See, new headunit display has to be compatible with wiring and capable of displaying same info OEM one does.
say, on my Camry Hybrid, there are much better aftermarket headunits, than my JBL with nav. but, all trip computer, etc, info, is automatically lost.
if you value it so much, you may want to consider aftermarket OBDII port readers. even better, you can look into units that display info onto the windshield, as some of them show quite a bit of info.

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Thanks for the info but I am not talking about swapping it out with an aftermark unit. I want to just replace it with a factory unit that is just like it. I just want to get one off of ebay and not pay the dealer $300 or $400 for it.
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I'm not positive....but yes...I think there can be a big problem getting it to work.

Say it was stolen (why anyone would steal stock stuff I dunno) but if it was might be that the code is now locked out. AFAIK...the code belongs to the system...not the vehicle. But on newer cars (not sure of a 2006) many functions run through the could wind up with a dead vehicle.
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With a completely different unit you will likely need to have the new radio code information loaded into the BCM so that it will recognize it as the original was programmed at the factory into the BCM as part of the anti-theft system. Most likely you are looking at a dealer doing that, and for a dealer price. Another option is to take out the unit and replace the CD drive with the new one if that is what is defective on your unit. A few months back an OP did just that with his Equinox for the same BCM programming reason and cost.
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