brake noise


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brake noise

Long story short, I had brakes done and after because of a knocking noise he replaced the pads at my cost as the labor warranty expired[30 days].
After another month [labor warranty gone again]when I pulled the emergency brake up, there ws a loud screeching noise . Since the first time it has gone but I have a slight low pitched squeel when I am almost stopped. Like when I come to a stop sign and am almost stopped it moans a bit. Is this more likely to be a glazed rotor or drum or even some grime in there or does it sound like something else? Car is 5 years old and if safe I don't mind a little annoyance if that's all it is. Hate to back a third time on my dime.
Thank you
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Was the car moving when you had the noise with the E brake?
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e brake noise

Yes, when I was going slowly and pulled it up, it was a loud screech. Since then it has done it once, not as loud but seems to have stopped.
It was almost like something had to settle in.
Now the brakes seem to have a low moan or moan when I am almost stopped.
I can't talk to im anymore as he is rough character.
I don't want to get him canned and don't want him after me.
I guess that is why I wrote, to see if we are safe or not and just put up with the little noise.
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not asking why you pulling e-brake whilst car is still moving....

my wife's RX300 does not like ceramic pads. they did just that - moaning noise when almost coming to halt. I got fed-up with them and replaced with regular semi mets, and issue was gone.

Screeching noise should never be heard from brakes. e-brake is usually independent from regular brakes, unless it's very old car, where same shoes were for both regular and e-braking. most ones modern I know of, have separate set of e-brake pads inside the rear rotor. or, in case of GM products, one large C shaped pad.

Hence, it should be irrelevant of regular brake pads replacement. I'd say, as saving of a drowning one is the best interest of the drowning one, learn how to DIY brakes, no big deal, and then make thorough check/fix as needed.
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Age and health say no to diy sadly.
I will figure it out and thanx for the reply.
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my first and only question why would you take a car that is only 5 years old to place that would only warranty labor for 30 days? im sorry if this comes off harsh but it sounds like joke. even mom and pop shops give a year.
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It's ok. I made a mistake. Maybe the pads are ceramic and that's the reason for the noise.
It is getting better anyway.
I have lived too long to have my feelings hurt

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