2000 Dodge Caravan Cooling Fans not working


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2000 Dodge Caravan Cooling Fans not working

My brother replaced the relay and the cooling fans still do not come on at all. I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan with a 3.3L Mitsubishi engine. What should we try next?

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You've checked voltage at the fans, I assume, to ensure it's a wiring issue and no dead fan(s)? You're going to need a schematic and a multimeter to start backtracking the wiring. Try autozone.com repair section for a diagram. Several possibilities that include broken/shorted wire to the relay (you've checked that operating voltage is available at the relay, I hope), bad coolant temp sensor (the one for the computer, not the one for the instrument gauge), and/or a computer problem. The computer is what sends the closing voltage to the relay when it detects the proper parameters. If it gets overly frustrating you can always wire it so the fans come on with the ignition and run all the time; not the ideal way to do it, of course.
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Does the fan come on with the a/c engaged?
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Did we have fuses mentioned?
If possible, try jumping fan with 12V. It might as well be dead fan.
From that on - just like TG said - many options.
Btw, some cars have 2 temp sensors.
I had Ford driven for long time with jump switch installed into dashboard. Temp goes up - flip the switch, cool it down, turn it of.
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Thanks for adding that; I had jumpering the fans to make sure they run on my mind while posting my reply, but didn't get it in.

I have an aux fan on my ac condenser of my wrecker to augment the engine-driven fan and it's wired to come on with the key, but running it all the time is pretty much a necessity here in the Sunshine State.

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