2005 sebring acting up after 3k rpm


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2005 sebring acting up after 3k rpm

2005, sebring 6 cylinder, 120k miles, engine jerks when you hit 3k rpm and have to back off to get it to stop jerking.
No fuel filter to change, changed cam shaft position sensor, didn't help.

Any help????

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Have you checked to see if there are any codes in the computer?
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Check your plugs and coil packs. My father inlaw had the very same issues with his sebring. We changed the plugs and noticed a damaged coil pack.

Just a note, plugs are brutal on those cars to get in and out.
I had to use a 3" extension and a universal to get the back ones out. The coil packs (one per sparkplug) are also a pain. Believe they where a T8 bit or 10mm nut (can't remember which was his and which was my car).
Oh, and wear gloves. The fiberglass insulation on the firewall while irritate your knuckles for days afterwards.
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Second Mike's suggestions; high rpm missing/cutting out is a classic symptom of plugs/plug wires/ignition problems.

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