2003 Hyundai Santa Fe trouble starting


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2003 Hyundai Santa Fe trouble starting

Does anyone have a reason why when I fill up the tank ( gas ) and go to start my Santa fe it doesn't want to start. Well it will start if I give it gas when I and trying to start it and once i have it started then its fine can turn right off and starts right back up and is fine untill i fill up the tank again.
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likely something to do with EVAP system. EVAP charcoal canisters have tendency to be right there, next to the tank, when they go plugged, they start causing all kinds of rough run or starting problems.
You want to do quick run to Autozone or such, and read engine error codes.
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also, check your plugs. Fouled or not. Something tells me that after you filled, EVAP gushes over rich fuel mix in, and chokes engine. Thereafter, it all goes back to norm, and starts fine.
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i am going with a hot soak issue, dirty throttle body/idle air control valve. they are the first to start cooling off. but the air in the intake will still be hot causeing the plates/pentels to stick closed. i bet waiting an hour (i know its not practical) after filling you would have no issues. i would have a three part intake clean done.

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