96 Ford Explorer, check engine light won't stay off after transmission work


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96 Ford Explorer, check engine light won't stay off after transmission work

We recently fixed our transmission on our 96 Ford Explorer after getting the code for the problem at Auto Zone. We ended up replacing two solinoids. Now, we cannot get the check engine light to go off and after taking it back to autozone to run the diagnostic the same code is coming up for solinoid 3 which we replaced 2 and 3. Also, the overdrive light is coming on. How can we reset the check engine light? It is running fine. Thanks.

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First question, are they just reading the codes or are they also doing an actual code reset? Can you post the actual codes being retrieved? Not out of the realm of possibilities that you got a bad solenoid out of the box. Reputable brand?
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also, it's Explorer, no offense.
drives fine? pull the CEL out. be happy. check on codes once in a while. just for mental safety.
in general, removing ECU fuse for at least few minutes, overnight better, resets all error codes.
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the also have issues with the harness in the trans where the terminals spread just from undoing them once. i don't think they are hard to replace nor expensive.

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