Lexus G470 synethic oil


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Lexus G470 synethic oil


My wife drives a Lexus G470. The Lexus has 51,000 miles and she had the oil place put synethic oil instead of regular oil.

Should we now continue with synethic oil or switch back to regular 10W-30?


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Personally.....I've switched all my vehicles to synthetic and I don't intend to convert back to regular oil. I consider synthetic to be a superior product.
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thx, so switching w high mileage is not a concern?
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what high mileage? It's Lexus. My wife's RX300 has 136 000 miles, been running on Amsoil for years. Yours just broken in.
Go with good synth, no worries. What I consider good, or your oil place, or anyone else - de gustibus non disputandum est.
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What does your owner's manual recommend?

If Lexus wanted synthetic oil used they would have syn as factory fill and specify it in the manual.

What oil change interval are you using on the G470?

Conventional oil at the recommended interval is all that is required.
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There are some year/make/models that have been identified as prone to sludge build up that can be lessened by using synthetic, but yours is not on the list:

Engine Sludge
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If you want the best, use synthetic! Just because it may not be addressed in an owners manual does not mean you can't use it!

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