2002 toyota camery p code 1120

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2002 toyota camery p code 1120

Hi All
working on a 2002 toyota camery with a drivability problem (mother in laws car ....oh yea...fun times) story goes that she went for gasoline, filled tank, on way home "started acting funny" and later stalled in intersection. MIL light came on with a "P" code of 1120 or accelerator position sensor.
Now I have priced these out and they are not exactly cheap (about $400 thru the local guy and about $300 on rockauto). My question is....is there something else that may cause this problem and code to come up, or should I just move foward and replace the sensor ???

thanks, Dodger
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Off the top of my head I would say that it is something else. If the position sensor should fail the computer should go in to limp mode. Does the car now restart?
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i would first check with toyota they had tons of recalls on those sensors.
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Expert's Answer

Most of the time you're going to find that the throttle pedal position sensor on the throttle pedal assembly itself is bad when these codes are displayed together. I normally do not recommend parts replacing and only advise testing the sensor thoroughly before replacing. If you do not have the equipment to do that and cannot afford to pay someone to diagnose it then you will need to take the risk of changing the throttle pedal accelerator assembly itself. The sensor on the accelerator pedal is not difficult to change. If you would like detailed testing information let me know and I can post that information.


Using an oscilloscope or a good quality voltmeter monitor the voltage of vpa which is the blue wire with the yellow tracer and vpa2 which is the white wire with the red tracer. Monitor both of these voltages with the key in the on position as you slowly open or depress the accelerator pedal. Monitor these voltages at the accelerator pedal by back probing the wires then also at the computer with the scope or meter. Monitor the voltage on the oscilloscope and see if there any glitches or imperfections as it rises and descends quickly. Monitoring the values on a scan tool normally is not very reliable the delay time in the data stream is too slow unless the sensor is totally dead. Also check for voltage at vcp2 this is the red wire and Vcp1 which is the black wire with a red tracer these voltages should be constant. What are the readings?


2002 toyota camry 4 cyl. Fault codes P1120 and P1121 - does - JustAnswer

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