battery/car sits for two weeks


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battery/car sits for two weeks

Have a 97 Lincoln town car, like most cars today there are things drawing current while sitting...a good battery, how long could a car sit and still start; say two weeks, three weeks? I hate to have to disconnect the battery when I am out of town, it seems to me that a car should be able to sit for a few weeks and still start. Any feedback?
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With a good battery, I would not worry about leaving it sit for up to a month. Longer than that, I would consider a smart trickle charger with the AC plug accessable through or under the grille.
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Same opinion here....esp on older vehicles...prob less electronic draw.

Might consider a solar trickle charger. More expensive, but no power connection needed.
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Originally Posted by David Doran
I hate to have to disconnect the battery when I am out of town
Perhaps something like this?

1.5 watt solar trickle charger $12.99
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first a few simple things to check for. make sure your lamps on the sun visors are being turned off when the flap/switch is closed/off. next see if your glove box light is turning off. and leave nothing pluged into the cigar lighter. and "good" battery in a car only drawing what it needs for memory settings (-.030amps) then should last a month.
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just curious - how much use is solar charger for a garage parked vehicle?
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Depends on the condition of the roof, I guess.

If the cord was long enough, I suppose you could set it in a window.
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My '97 F-150 pickup sometimes didn't get started for 4, 6.....maybe 8 weeks and other times it was started started weekly. I never had a starting problem even after up to 8 weeks sitting outside in the winter. Same with the newer 2006 model.
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I have had a similar problem with my toy that only comes out of the garage occasionally. The alarm system kept draining the battery. I bought a trickle charger from Amazon. Since using it, my battery has been kept in tip top condition.

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