Any one know a good quality paint for a really good price?


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Any one know a good quality paint for a really good price?

Hi guys. Every time I wash my car the paint washes off with it. its a nice car, the only thing wrong with it is the paint. I hope to afford some primer and paint this summer. I've checked out some paints with names I've never heard of and sent them some questions to see if the paint will wash off or flake but I never get a response so I figure they do.
What would be something good to use?
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What kind of car, and is it a factory paint job? Does it have clear coat. Asking a manufacturer if their paint will wash off is like asking an apple grower if the apples will poison me. They are probably still snickering. Generally if you have a failed paint job, the entire car should be devoided of body damage, dings, etc. properly sanded, sealed, primered, then painted. Choice of paint would be yours, but choose a good brand name, not one you have never heard of. SWP, Dupont to name a couple.
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..... and how long do you hope for the paint job to last? what color?

Good automotive paint isn't exactly cheap. Recently I painted my youngest son's mazda and half of his bronco. Used equipment enamel along with a hardner that he bought at tractor supply. I think he said a gallon of paint and hardener was about $60. Fading shouldn't be a concern since it's white paint. He said various forums on the internet gave the paint good reviews. Time will tell how well it holds up but at least his vehicles look good again for a small amount of money
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Did you paint the car that the finish washes off of?
What is the make, model and year of the car?
What are the names of paint that you never heard of and the mfr's you contacted.

A good diy paint job is dooable but you need to closely follow the paint maker's instructions.
They have been calling automotive paint a "painting system" for quite some time.
It is called a system because you need to follow their methods and use all the products they sell for a particular paint in order to have the paint stick and last a long time.

Regular enamel with a hardener as Mark suggested is a good diy option but it will not last as long as a true automotive paint.
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Just take it to MAACO.
sounds like it was half as..d painted for quick sale and now it washes off. I know how goes it, I tried to paint my Silverado rear fender couple years ago with them O"reilly paints, and it's all gone by now, though I primed and sanded.
To answer your question, if you want it to stick, you have to go with REAL automotive paints. Then, you have to use all temperature settings for curing and all proportions, and mixtures, and primers, looking at about 6 different components. Do you happen to have paint booth? That's why I'm saying - take it to MAACO.
For small jobs though, locate automotive paint stores in the area, and ask them, what's their minimum qty. Some stores here, like Wesco, will sell you only a quart and more. But some will sell you as little as you need.
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Like you, Mark, I painted a TR6 which I restored back in the 80's. I used blue metallic Imron. It required a catalyst to be mixed in as you used it. Hard as rocks once it cured. It was $65 per gallon back then !!
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I can't remember the exact paint that was recommended when I was considering painting a car myself, but I know that it was a PPG product, and the primer recommended was the "K36" Acrylic Urethane. That was quite awhile ago though. I do remember the paint shop was really, really helpful when I started talking these products; I suspect they were expensive and since I was looking for the good stuff they were more than willing to provide me with the help I needed.

Never did paint the car though. It's probably sitting in a field out in Maricopa, slowly succumbing to the elements.
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I dont know anything about paints or primers. I dont know what brands to use either. When I google paint, Eastwood popped up a lot.
I know theres lacquer, enamel arcylic but I dont know what that means
I did buy a quart of camaro red dupli-color ready to spray lacquer for $10.
since im always building/making and restoring i figured $10 was a good deal. But I looked up reviews for it, and it had bad reviews saying the clear coat isn't gas proof.
I did aquire a free pint of epoxy marine primer with hardner from a friend of my dads, But I dont know the brand name.

Other questions:
I want to paint it hugger orange or close to the General Lee
I dont know what MAACO is. I live in a very small town. We have 1 auto repair shop that will drain your pockets. $1000 bucks to do ball joins?!? pffft!!!

Nope I didnt paint it, its factory and I dont know if it has clear coat. Doesnt look like it; Its a 1991 GMC jimmy I paid $200 when i was 18.

I bought it as my first car to abuse and then ditch but no matter how much I abused it, it just keeps going. Ive jumped it at the dunes and almost nose dived it in to the ground, i've plowed down trees. (beach tree was a mistake, dead instant stop and whiplash) and has always been my mudding car.
I drowned the fuel injected carb with salt water but it always fired back up.
I've raced it, and also used it as a work horse. I camped in it, I've also lived in it lol.
but 2 years back it started going down hill. since then I've replaced the ball joints and distributor cap. which the cap lasted 1 week and it got eaten away. Found an almost new distributor for $10 in a half restored truck at the wrecking yard.
I know its a waste of money to want to paint this throw away vehicle but i'm very fond of it now. it never lets me down.

I also have a 79 chevy P/U I'd like to paint some day. I'd like to paint it yellow with a dark orange tint and black stripes like bumble bee.

Of course it would have to be affordable on a min wage job of $8.90
I've seen paint for as high as $700/gal as low as $40 per gallon.
So im looking for The best for the buck
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I don't think you're going to get good results from a $10 can of paint.

MAACO is an autobody shop with pretty decent pricing. There may be one down there, it would be worth an online search of the surrounding area.
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Trust me, there's none down here lol. And I'd Like to do the work myself.
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I got a quart of acrylic enamel from TCP Global last year. The three components, paint, reducer and hardener was around $85 with shipping. The color match for my '89 Isuzu was perfect. This was just for small body repairs sprayed with an airbrush outdoors and wearing a good respirator.
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