1996 mitsubishi galant windsheild defroster wont defrost


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1996 mitsubishi galant windsheild defroster wont defrost

My vents work, ac works, heater works. When I put it on defrost setting I can feel air coming out of the top vents, but it doesn't defrost my windsheild. Whats the problem? Tired of wiping off my window to see at night.
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When you use the defroster, the AC comes automatically. That is probably not happening for some reason, I can't tell you why but it might point you in the right direction. In the mean time til you get it fixed, turn on the AC when you want to defrost.
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we had 96 Galant and I simply do not recall... oh, yes, it did come up automatically, a/c, I even remember unplugging compressor summer time, as it will take power away from the engine.
Does your a/c even work?
Now that it's winter and it's quite a task to trouble shoot and repair, get front windows visors and keep windows slightly cracked open driving. What it does, it allows humidity out and keeps glass dry.
Also, they sell fog reducing wipes. I think, it's just methyl alcohol with something, but it works very well.
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As stated......cracking a window can help quite a bit to get rid of excess humidity.

Also.....there should be a "Fresh Air" or "Re-Circulate" button.....may have a curved arrow symbol.

That needs to be on the "Fresh Air" setting anytime the windows fog up.

It's possible too that you have a small leak in the heater core.

This would introduce a lot moisture and cause the windows to fog.


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