Oil Filter Issue


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Oil Filter Issue

I changed oil on my wife's Camry as usual and put in a new oil filter. I noticed that when I removed the old oil filter that there was hardly any oil in it. Seems like normally you can even pour some oil out, but in this case, I turned it upside down and no oil came out. I'm concerned that maybe the oil pump isn't working properly, although theres no oil pressure problem as far as the dash lights show.
Any thoughts??
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It sounds like it may have been siphoned back into the engine.

The car wouldn't run very long with no oil pressure.
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my guess is this is a 4 cylinder. as you can see the filter is pointed down. if you wait over 5-10 mins after running the engine to remove the filter it does drain back into the oil pan. unless you buy more advanced filter that has a baffle to prevent drain off.
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iceman and PJmax,

Thanks. I won't worry about now.
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What year Camry is it? What engine? What is the make and part number of the filter you removed?
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I think that the better quality oil filters have a check valve built into the oil filters so the oil won't drain out. That way, when the car starts, it has oil pressure immediately, instead of waiting for the filter to fill up with oil first. So, you probably had a good filter. Cheap filters don't have this feature.

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