Car keeps blowing fuses

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Car keeps blowing fuses

2000 escort, why does my car keep blowing the fuse for my tail lights and the inside lights. What do i need to do, or do i have to take it to a shop.
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Tail lights and inside lights are usually on two different fuses.

The tail lights or parking lights is one fuse.

Inside dome light...are usually on an "always live" fuse like cig. lighter.

Usually when there is an issue with the parking/tail lights it comes down to a bulb put in incorrectly.
Did you have any external bulbs changed recenty ?
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tailgate lights are prone to moisture collection in sockets. moisture=short. short=blown fuse.
inspect sockets and wiring, replace bulbs with new ones and lubricate sockets with dielectric grease before installing them.
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Had an old Oldsmobile where the dash and tail lights were on the same fuse and it kept blowing because one of the elements in a two element tail light bulb bad broken and fallen onto the other element, creating a short.
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Helped a girl in a bank parking lot one time. Her car would start but she couldn't shift out of park. Turned out the shifter interlock and brake lights were on same circuit (not sure if all cars are that way or not) and had a shorted wire to one brake light from some work that had been done shortly
before, wire was pinched against sharp edge in trunk. Few days of driving and vibration and it wore through the insulation.
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Make sure you go to reputable garage based on references from friends.

I knew a guy that had a problem with fuses blowing on his tail/brake lights and he presumed it was from a brake problem.

He took it in and they sold him a complete brake job (pads, shoes, turning, etc.) for all 4 wheels and they may have only found and fixed a short and did no brake job (he was not too smart). The bad brakes were found about 5,000 miles after the "brake job" by a state car inspection.

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Actually reminded me of - gods, how many problems I had with it - of that Taurus I had. Car stereo, aftermarket, kept blowing brake lights. 2-3 days. They had it replaced twice at the store, then replaced with a different model and that was it. Beats me how.
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i would go with after market radio too. the the tail and dash lights are on the same fuse and if some on wired the radio power with the dash lights "wire". then everything works great until night time.
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Check your car wiring connection between your fuse and tail and inner light parts. There may be a short circuit that may cause the fuse to blow repeatedly. Ask a certified mechanic to deal with the problem or you can do it by yourself by following the tips given by online experts like those found at ********page. They provide detailed information on car maintenance and tips on resolving minor technical issues.

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