Ford Taurus P0303 code HELP


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Ford Taurus P0303 code HELP

Have a flashing check engine light on. Doesn't flash when car starts ..takes a little while until it flashes. Car seems to idle fine but runs rocky while driving.

One shop tells me to change plugs and wires .. the other shop says do a diagnostics on it. The first shop says since it isn't a random misfire (P0303 is cylinder 3 misfire) they don't believe it is a vacuum issue or anything else.

How would you best proceed with fixing this issue. Would you start with plugs and wire? Is that the normal cause of this issue?
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I would start with the plugs and wires + cap and rotor. It's a regular maintenance item anyway, couldn't hurt.
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How old are the plugs and wires. My first guess also would be ignition issues, but don't rule out a bad fuel injector either. Maintenance history would help narrow it down, along with what make of plugs you are using.
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need miles and year. could be a few things
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First off, dont go looking for a cap and rotor, ford stopped using distributors in 95, ford also says 100k miles is the life of the plugs, so if you are close or over that I would start there. If its either of the 3.0L engines, that also means new intake gaskets because in order to reach bank 1 plugs you need to remove the intake manifold. If its 3.0L 24V than it does not use plugs wires because its COP ignition, in that case I would recommend 6 plugs and a #3cyl coil so you don't have to pull the intake twice if it is a bad coil. If it is a 3.0L OHV just 6 plugs and a wire set. The odds of having a mis that bad on one cylinder with a fuel delivery issue are very slim. 9 times out of 10 misfires are because of ignition issues. If you are going to do the work yourself just start with this and if that doesn't fix it you at least took care of a maintainence item and then someone with the proper diagnostics tools will have to go from there
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@Mroberts91 you dont have to take the intake off on a 24v 3.0. you just remove the passenger cawl(sp).

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