how to [Change Alternator-Mazda]


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how to [Change Alternator-Mazda]

how to change alternator on 94 mazda 626 4cyl

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Pretty much doesn't matter the vehicle, the process is to remove the belt and then unbolt and remove the alternator. If the alternator is a source of tension for the belt, you unbolt it first.
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Disconnect the battery first disconnecting the negative (black terminal). Then proceed to remove the belt, probably by relieving tension off the belt tensioner and slipping the belt off the pulley. Once the belt is out of the way remove the bolts which hold it in place. Unbolt unclip the wiring and remove the alternator from the vehicle.
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Proper steps are:
1. Go to library
2. Find proper manual
3. With change in hand, go to copier and copy page
4. If that is TOO MUCH WORK to do, go to Autozone site and create free log in, and go to repair manuals.
5. it's 94 you said? And you STILL do not have repair manual? Shinjirarei!!

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